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[Include a quote from your customer that captures the best qualities of your products, service, or company.  Pick a quote that really captures why customers should do business with you.]

- First Name, JULY 2010
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[Include a quote about how great your products are.  The quote should really capture why your products are so great or different from similar products in the market.]
- First Name, JULY 2010
[Include a quote about how eco-friendly your company is.  If being green and eco-friendly is part of your company brand, use quotes from customers who value that aspect of your company.  ]
- First Name, July 2010
[Include a quote about how great your customer service is.  If your company shines by providing great customer service, use  a quote from a customer who was delighted by the service he received.  ]
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[Include a quote about how great your prices are.  If your reputation is based on provided the best prices, use a quote from customers who have gotten a great deal from your company. 
- First Name, JULY 2010
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