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Free Quality Confirmation by Gemologist, GIA
Verbal Appraisal for Your Gold and Diamond Jewelry
Thinking of selling your unwanted gold, 10k, 14k or 18 karat, platinum, diamond jewelry, broken or tangled chains, bracelet, necklace, earring(s), old rings, gold teeth, charms, engagement ring,
wedding band, gold and silver coins and bullions, antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and also colored gemstones like emerald, sapphire, tanzanite, etc. Any of the above can easily be turned into CASH.
Some Basics About Gold Content
Pure gold is 24 karat (24K). 14 karat gold means that from 24 parts, there are 14 parts pure gold, and 10 parts other alloy. And, 18 karat gold means from 24 parts in a piece of jewelry, 18 parts pure gold is used and 8 parts other alloy.
Basics About Gold Color in Finished Jewelry
We all know gold is yellow. So, what is white gold, or rose gold, or why we see 14 karat gold that are more brown or yellow that other 14 karat jewelry?
It has to do with alloy mixed with gold. In a 14 karat white ring, for example, we use 14 part gold and 10 part silver. That's why we see the color white. In a rose gold, we mix 14 part gold with 10 part copper. And sometimes even a mix of copper and silver to have more control of the color of jewelry.
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Top Cash For Your Gold And Diamonds.
When we meet, in a few minutes, we will check your jewelry's gold content, check your diamond(S) for size, approximate weight by gemological weight estimation formula, clarity and color grade of the main stone if any, and average clarity/color grade of accent diamonds, and whether or not we see any sign of synthetic inclusions in colored gemstone. You see everything under microscope. All these services are free.
 Then we walk you to one of the licensed jewelry buyers that is within the same block (in Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District). These buyers rely on us (gemologists) to make sure the dimaonds are not laser drilled, or fracture filled with diamond powder, etc.  In a minute, the jeweler weighs your jewelry and give you immediately a CASH OFFER.                    **Money and cash in exchange for your unwanted jewelry**
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